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Welcome to the home of the Ultra Vixen - BOM Bento female mesh avatar bodies for Second Life.

These pages include a catalogue of Ultra Vixen fashion, information, and how to use this mesh avatar.  Get ready to see yourself as you never have before!

The Ultra Vixen body is fully customizable to provide almost any body shape, and in three distinct ranges: Busty, Perky, and Flat Chested.  Each mesh body version has differences in rigging and in starting proportions - even before the Shape File is applied, giving three distinct ranges of bra size and breast shapes.  The only question is; "Which are you?"

As of April 2023:  The Ultra Vixen has been updated.  Changes include adjustments of the mesh and rigging in the jaw, cheeks, and neck, as well as the back of the legs.   The pelvis and torso have been joined into one mesh to solve the light reflection issue that would sometimes show a line.  The body packages now include four sets of feet with different foot-stances.
Please go to the Second Life Marketplace to collect a redelivery, or contact HeatherD Tungsten directly.

To visit the Ultra Vixen shop in world, follow this link...


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