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Current Events, Satellite Shops, & Freebie Partners.

One of the many things Second Life users like to do in world, is - Go Shopping.  A popular venue type are short term expos with many vendors.   In Second Life speak, these are called "Events".  There are also opportunities so set up small shops with a handful of Ultra Vixen items (Satellite Shops).  And there are other locations that have partnered with Ultra Vixen to provide new people to Second Life (those up to 31 days old) with this avatar body, and that helps everyone out.  I have often provided additional freebies at the Partner locations.

Below you will find a showcase of some of these locations. 
A further motivation to visit these places may be the inclusion of limited freebies or reduced price packages of Ultra Vixen fashion.

Click the photo to be teleported to these locations.

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