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Development Package

The Ultra Vixen Development Package is ready to be e-mailed to new creators.  If you are a creator and want to start designing clothes, shoes, hair, etc, for use with the Ultra Vixen body, please contact HeatherD Tungsten in world, or via e-mail for more information.  Please include your Avatar name, and links to your In World Shop and or Market Place Store, as well as some info describing your experience.
Send e-mails to

This Dev Pack is a ZIP compressed BLENDER file, along with a series of texture maps.  The blend file includes copies of the various Ultra Vixen body parts and the head.  These mesh items may NOT be copied to create a new body, but you are free to use the Solidify Tool in BLENDER to start new clothing designs, as a sizing guide, and to allow "Weight Transfers" across to new clothing you create for use with the Ultra Vixen female 3D bodies.  There is no seam information nor texture mapping, although the commercial version of the Ultra Vixen body and head IS mapped to conform with the standard Second Life female avatar texture map. 

Once again:  This information is not to be used to create a 3D mesh body.  Ultra Vixen retains ownership of all Weight Data. 

If you accept these terms, you are welcome to become an Ultra Vixen creator.




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