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The Ultra Vixen Body and Head system.  And how to buy it?

The Ultra Vixen body is the shapely yet natural looking option for Second Life female avatars.   The included mesh head provides "Bento" animation and shaping ability while closely retaining the facial features you worked so hard to create with your original default "Classic" avatar. 
The body is BOM (Baked on Mesh) enabled, and includes "modeled in" female parts not done in many other more well known mesh bodies.  On the other hand, it omits the complexity and lag of a HUD.  This avatar system comes with clear step by step instructions making it one of the easiest mesh bodies to use.  Everything is set to Copy and Modify allowing anyone to adjust graphic properties on as many copies of the mesh as you like.  This ability also extends to Ultra Vixen fashion.

The Ultra Vixen avatar package includes:   The Busty, Perky, and Flat Chested Torso.  The Ultra Vixen female mesh head. Two lengths of mesh eyelashes. Three different lengths of mesh fingernails.  Four foot shapes to be paired up with corresponding shoes and boots of various length heels.  A sampling of Skins (that conform to the standard Second Life avatar texture map).  A sampling of custom made body shapes files optimized to bring out the best in this avatar, and that can be further customized later.  Custom hand made physics optimized to each version of the torsos.  A package of over a dozen Ultra Vixen fashion and shoes.

You can buy this body on the Second Life Marketplace pages.  Click the image to be link

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