The development of the Ultra Vixen has been a personal Journey of Learning.
This project is NOT being done by a corporation, not even a team of programmers or artists, but just by myself, digging through written material and tutorials.  I've initially given copies of the mesh avatar and clothes to friends to test improvements as I've learned more and more.  As this project has progressed, others have requested to purchase their own copy.  I'm now making the Ultra Vixen available to the wider Second Life public.

January 2021.
The Ultra Vixen mesh has been completely reworked, including improved mesh and weight painting, and with totally new texture mapping to comply with the standard Second Life texture map as best as possible.  Then the the body and head was set to BOM (Baked On Mesh) allowing users to use any System Skins or Tattoo Layer graphics.
This avatar uses the Bento armature giving you the ability to adjust proportions of physical features such as eyes, nose, jaw, head shape. etc.  This also means any animations or AO that include Bento data will control facial expressions and finger movement.  Consideration has been given to trying to retain the same head mesh proportions, and slider effects, so that the Ultra Vixen Bento face will still look as much as possible as the classic face you are used to, but with even more refined detail due to the tighter vertex geometry.  The idea is that after having invested so much time into refining your facial appearance, you still want to look like you, and not have a radically different face, such as what happens with a lot of the commercial Second Life heads on the market.
The body is split in two parts; the "Upper Torso", from the hips up, to the neck, including the arms and hands.  And the "Pelvis" from hips down to the ankles.  Currently the foot shape available is a "high" stance for high heel shoes.  Three additional foot stances and associated shoes will be available soon.
I have recently released two optional upper torsos with alternate breast shapes - Perky and Flat, which also use separate tops, shirts, dresses, and other clothes for the upper portion of the body.
At this time, there is also a wide assortment of clothes and a number of shoe styles.

Ultra Vixen 3d three mesh.jpg