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How to change finger and toe nail colors

This is a short instructional note showing you how to change finger and toe nail colors for your Ultra Vixen avatar.  

The first thing to know is that all 3D objects in Second Life have "Properties".  Some of those properties include the ability to make a copy of the object - or not.  Or to modify it, or to give it to your friends.  There are many other properties as well, but these three specific properties are know in Second Life as "Permission". 

The Ultra Vixen body "Permission" is set to Copy and to Modify, allowing you to make copies of any body part, and then to customize those by changing setting or graphics.  The access to change these setting is via the EDIT Window in your Second Life Viewer (if you find these abilities "locked" then please contact me - this is an SL bug).  Since you can Modify the properties of this mesh body, this gives you the ability to adjust setting found on the Texture Tab in Edit Mode:  Color, Transparency, Glow, Texture, Bumpiness, and Shininess, as well as a few setting on the other tabs.

Step 1:  Right click the body part you want to change.  The 3D object should be high lighted, and a menu will show.
Step 2:  Select "Edit Item".   A new window will show.  Select the Texture Tab.
Step 3:  Select the Radial Button called "Select Face" (Top Left).  This allows you to next select individual "Material Areas" of the 3D object.
Step 4:  Zoom in tight on your avatar finger nails or toe nails, and select them (left mouse click).   Now only the nails should be high lighted.
Step 5:  Click the box labeled "Color".   An additional Color Picker window will open.   Select any color.   You can do the same with the Shininess.  Select the Shininess radial button - a new color box and properties will show.   Pick a color and amount of shine - layering contrasting shine colors and reflection amounts to achieve compound color effects.   There is a lot of room for many effects here.

Exit the "Edit Item" window.   You now have different color nails.  You can change them any time, with out having to wait for a huge HUD to load.

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